Rima Vaidila is a wardrobe stylist and creative consultant that splits time between her LA home and NYC. Getting her start in the industry at 16, Rima has built an extensive network of photographers, creative directors, editors, brands, influencers, showrooms, model agents and pr professionals.

Rima's business-marketing background, recognizable aesthetic and strong social media presence, gives her the insight and expertise to connect with consumers. Able to sell a product, experience and lifestyle by playing into customers physical and aspirational needs. Understanding all creative roles involved, Rima is a team player and is not afraid to pitch in wherever needed. She is highly sought after by commercial clients for her impeccable problem solving skills. Every curve ball is handled without any signs of stress.   

Although she follows a "less is more" mentality, more is more when it comes to creative opportunities; Rima is always looking to connect and collaborate with like-minded brands and individuals. Please get in touch. 

rvaidila@gmail.com   |     lauren@forwardartists.com